Email marketing: is it worth it?

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Email marketing: is it worth it?

We live in a digital world where almost everyone is on social media. These platforms make it easy to reach, influence, and grow audiences. They are also in constant change and are continuously optimizing to meet the needs of the user within the platform.

Let’s take Facebook, for example. Over the years the platform has evolved and offer various featured. It behaves like a website (Facebook Notes and its fan page layout), an online store, crowdfunding, and instant messaging to name a few.

If this one platform offers all these services, the one questions that keeps coming to our mind is:

Is email dead?

To put it simply, no, it’s far from it.

Email marketing is very much relevant because:

  • Nearly every company/device relies on email services for everyday communications.
  • Social media services require email to sign up, although you can use your phone number.
  • Social media content is momentary, email remains until the reader removes it from their inbox.
  • 61% of consumers want to be contacted by brands via email.
  • Email marketing is inexpensive, return on investment on email is highest of all marketing channels.
  • Many individuals refuse to be on social media, but everyone has an email address.


Fun facts about email

  • The first email was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson, a computer engineer
  • Today there are 3.7 billion global email users, and counting
  • 250 billion emails are sent daily

Why do we question if email is dead? Well, it has a few shortcomings.

Not keeping up with trends: While other platforms have evolved email has remained the same. It now needs to be more creative and keep up with industry standard and best practices.

Segmentation: Everyone from our list is different, we must segment to know what they want, and otherwise open rates will be low. Segmentation can be geographic (country, city), demography (age, gender).

Maintenance: Readers change their email addresses, it’s important to maintain our distribution list and remove those who do not interact with our content.

Not sending enough: The more you send the more readers engage.

Email might be an older technology, but it still works. Contact us to see how we can help you revamp and optimize your email marketing efforts.

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