How to create a brand hashtag

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How to create a brand hashtag

By now most people knows that a hashtag is a clickable term made up by a single or a group of words that starts with the # sign. They are used on social media platforms to group discussions on a topic.

What is a brand hashtag?

A brand hashtag works the same as a regular hashtag. The difference is that they are used on social media to signify that a post is associated with a brand, product or company.

They are unique to a business and they are found in the bio section on the user profile of the company social media account. Followers are invited to engage with the company by using the brand hashtag.

Why is a brand hashtag important?

There are many benefits of using a branding hashtag.

1. Brand hashtags make your brand more searchable on social media platforms

The primary function of a hashtag is to have your content appear in the search results of that hashtag. People will use various hashtags on their posts to reach a broader audience. Other times, hashtags will be created for a specific campaign so that all the posts associated with a topic can appear in the hashtag search.

In the case of branding hashtags, they are used in conjunction with thematic hashtags to not only have your posts appear in multiple searches, but also so that all the posts associated with your brand will appear under the search for that hashtag.

2. Brand hashtags are great for analytics

With a branding hashtag, you can track who is engaging with your brand and track its performance. Therefore, it is important to have a unique hashtag, so that the analytics only reflect content related to your brand and not other topics. It is very important that your audience knows the exact spelling of the hashtag so that it can be accurately tracked.

3. Brand hashtags can also be used across platforms

Many organizations are active on several platforms. When your brand hashtag is used across different channels, it becomes more recognizable to your audience because it’s being seen and marketed everywhere.

Tips to create your own brand hashtag

Your brand hashtag can be your company name, slogan, or tag line. That way you can ensure its uniqueness.

If your business name or the hashtag you want to use is common:

  1. Conduct a search on all social media platforms to make that it’s not being used.
  2. Keep it short to a maximum of three words, that way it’s easy to remember.
  3. Avoid complex and long words to ensure correct spelling.  
  4. Test it to eliminate any risks or problems. Write it out, say it out loud, ask your team members and a small group of your followers to review it before implementation.
  5. When you are satisfied, promote the hashtag on all your social media accounts.