Live tweeting tips

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Live tweeting tips

As an avid event goer, I like to let my followers know about the sessions I attend through live tweeting.

Whether I’m attending a conference on behalf of Sussex or for leisure, live-tweeting is a great way to help raise awareness and to improve engagement.

What is live tweeting?

Live tweeting is when a Twitter user post comments about an event while it is taking place.

9 best practices for live tweeting

Before the event

When the plan is to live tweet during an event, it’s important to prepare your strategy beforehand so you can stay current and post relevant content.

1. Before the event you do your research

  • Know the names and proper spelling of the speakers
  • Research speaker and attendee Twitter handles
  • Research the event hashtag or create your own
  • Think about any questions your followers may have and prepare some answers
  • Prepare a few tweets in advance for sessions you are hosting or attending

At the event

2. Let your followers know that you will attend the event

Post a tweet to give your followers a heads up that you will be a certain event. This provides them with an opportunity to visit your account for the latest updates.

3. Use the official event hashtag(s) in your posts

You can find the official hashtag(s) on the event website or social media profiles. Don’t use too many hashtags in your posts and use the main one instead.

If you decide to create a hashtag for an event you’re hosting, remember to keep it short, easy to remember, and be sure it’s not already in use.

4. Tag speakers in posts

It’s important to tag the right handle in a post. Use Twitter’s search engine or the event website to find the proper user names.  

5. Capture key messages

You don’t have to post word for word what was said during a session. Only post key points that are valuable to onsite participants as well as your wider following.

6. Tweet quotes from presenters

When you are quoting someone in your tweet, always attribute the quote and make sure you quote the speaker accurately. Try to find and include their Twitter handle, this will give them proper credit, as well as help you start a conversation.

7. Share backstage photos and videos

Content that contains images and video performs better than the ones without. Share high quality images and videos to increase engagement.

8. Engage with others

Engagement is a two-way street. Instead of pushing content:

  • Try to respond to tweets from other participants
  • Engage in conversation by agreeing or providing your own perspective
  • Answer polls
  • Retweet/like insightful comments from participants

9. Follow back

By using the event hashtag, your tweets will appear in the live stream and people will start following you. Follow them back so the newly created connections can extend to offline opportunities as well.

Live tweeting might be a short-term goal, but just like any just like your long-term communication objectives, you should have a plan in place.

Sussex can help you identify the right tools to help you plan and stay organize. Contact us to learn how we can help.