Social media advice for small business owners

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Social media advice for small business owners

Though there are many important steps to ensure the success of your business. Having a robust social media presence is one of them.

In today’s day and age social media for any business is a must, but it can sometimes be overlooked.

With these quick tips – which you should you use right now –  you will have the basis covered to have a great social media presence.

Number 3 helps you get ahead.

5 social media advice for small business owners

1. Find your audience

Think about where your audience would expect to find you; or more importantly, would want to find you and with that start researching the various platforms to find your potential audience.

It’s really easy to get caught up in accounts that your business doesn’t really need. For example, Instagram might be soaring in popularity, but are you able to maintain consistent photographic content? Are you reaching the right audience with it? If not, you might want to try other platforms that are not image driven, like Facebook or Twitter.


2. Make sure you’re on the right platform

Users access social media platforms on various devices, either on laptops, phones and even TV. All have different formats, before you dive into a platform, know the purpose and tone of your brand and the different formats the platform can be accessed.

Not only should you be aware of the different platform formats, you should know what social platform your target audience is active on. If your audience is millennial, consider being on Instagram and Snapchat. If you want to reach out to other business owners, consider having a LinkedIn or Facebook page.


3. Get Comfortable

This is something to invest time into. Make sure you know your platform inside and out and know what the content you post should look like. Brand consistency is key on social media.

If you are new to social media, pace yourself and only start out on one platform before getting active on other ones. This will give you the chance to:

  • become familiar with how to write for social media,
  • how to engage with followers,
  • and get comfortable with your visual identity.


Once you have the basics covered, you can then try other platforms that align with your business and your goals.


4. Aim to Grow

Now that you’ve really got everything under control, your next objective should be to grow your following.

This part is a little more grueling and difficult to define for each business and industry. Make sure that each of your posts have reason to be read, spoken to, and shared every time. Welcome new followers and take the opportunity to make social an enjoyable experience every time someone visits your profile.


5. Check on it!

If you use Hootsuite, or something similar, you follow a routine. You schedule your weekly posts and forget it, but this could cost you.

It’s important to monitor your accounts to see:

  • how your followers are engaging with your content,
  • what are your top performance posts, and
  • what type of comments you are getting.

You need this data to be able to adapt and meet the needs of your followers.

So don’t be afraid to engage with your audience, and get a bit personal with the profile. Respond to live events, keep up with trends and be spontaneous. Monitor what other profiles similar to yours are doing and try new things.


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