The benefits of YouTube for your business

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The benefits of YouTube for your business

Two billion. That’s how many monthly active users there are on YouTube. The social media giant will be celebrating its 15th anniversary in February 2020. By the time you read this, a day’s worth of content would have been uploaded to the platform.

Video is a popular source of information and has the highest engagement rate across all digital platforms, including web, email, and social media. With the right amount of effort, your organization’s YouTube channel could quickly become your most effective communication line.

What are the benefits of having a YouTube for your business?

Here are 4 benefits to why your organization should have a YouTube channel.

1. Expose your Business

You can use the platform to:

  1. educate your audience by creating “how to videos” to help them solve a problem;
  2. entertaining videos that can be consumed by anyone to grow your following; or
  3. general videos about your line of business so your viewers consider the services or work that you do.

For example, Toyota uses YouTube to teach basic mechanics, which an amateur working on their car would find for a quick online lesson.

Though daunting at first, creating videos give your organization a face and a voice to a wider audience.

Some user-friendly programs to help in the beginner stages of videography are
Apple’s iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Some ideas for your first videos:

  • Ad for your business
  • Live stream
  • Behind the scenes of your business
  • Create series for the channel

2. Get to know your audience

When a video gets too many comments to read, YouTube enables its rating system. This means that only the best and worst comments make it to the top.

The comment section on YouTube videos is your gold mine. You can gather a
wealth of data by monitoring the comments viewers are leaving on your videos.

You should:

  • ask and answer questions from users;
  • read the comments;
  • address concerns; and
  • track your performance metrics.

3. A record of your activities

Overtime your channel grows into an archive of all your content, which could be
used to reference your company when creating campaigns or embedding videos on your website.

As a record of all your efforts, you can review your videos to see what is
performing and what isn’t so you can pull lessons and apply them to future

To recreate your archive, think about:

  • uploading your achievements and milestones;
  • creating stories;
  • adding your social media accounts to your profile; and
  • examples of corporate-social responsibility.

4. Adapt to a new audience

Video content is the way of the future and an organization’s ability to quickly communicate their message to a statistically shortened attention span will dictate its survival.

Many are active on several social media platforms, by opening up your content
variety, it will not only help boost your online presence on YouTube, but on other
social media platforms.

How to adapt content to a new audience?

  • Use topical content to stay relevant
  • Keep people entertained by having variety in your videos
  • Tell community stories
  • Ask your viewers to send you their questions or fan videos

We have the skills you will need

According to a Cisco study, by 2022, 82% of all online content will be video content. Video’s popularity is continuously on the rise. So the time is now for you to create your YouTube channel!

If you’re not currently creating videos, we can get your YouTube strategy off the ground. Check our Services to learn more about the digital media service we provide or send us a message

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