Tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Young professional using computer to build linkedin network. Tips to optimize your linkedin profile

Tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Home to more than 500 million members, LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest and most powerful social networking tools for professionals.

This social platform is for those who are interested in growing their professional network by connecting with other members.

LinkedIn offers specialized options catering to professionals that are not found on other social media platforms.

If you are new to the platform and need a little help to start, this page contains the top ten tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

1. Have a professional headshot

First impressions matter. Having a professional picture on your profile gives a great first impression. Profiles with a professional photo receive more profile views than those without.

2. Customize your headline

Your headline is the first thing members see when you appear in their search results.You have a 120-character space to describe what you do. Use brief and industry-specific keywords so the right professionals can find you on LinkedIn.

3. Complete the “Summary” section

You have a 2,000 character space limit in this section. Have a well-written summary of who you are and your accomplishments, using industry-specific keywords so it’s easier for other professionals to search and find your profile.  Also include your strengths, interests, areas of expertise, volunteer work, and awards.

4. Add your work experience

List your current position and at least two past positions. Describe your role in each position and include the company name and key achievements to demonstrate the depth of your experience and knowledge.

5. Add your education

Including information about your degrees and schools attended presents the opportunity to make connections with other alumni.

6. Use the media section

Adding publications you have written lends credibility to your profile and stated expertise.

7. Join groups

Joining groups is a great opportunity to strengthen connections with members in an exclusive forum and you can also send members of the group direct messages. By default, you cannot send messages to members you don’t know.

8. Add featured skills and member endorsements

Add skills that define your professional role and experiences to showcase your talents and abilities. Members in your network can validate your skills and make recommendations based on your skill set.

9. Customize background photo

The background image of the LinkedIn profile gets overlooked by many members.Adding a cover photo will make you stand out. Your cover should reflect who you are, what you do and your brand. LinkedIn recommends that your background image be 1,584 x 391px.

10. Customize your LinkedIn URL

Customizing your LinkedIn URL makes it easy for people to find and to share your profile,and it will optimize your profile to ensure it appears in search engines.